Deliverect app

Manage your delivery platforms

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Our app was developed to cater to the needs of several types of food businesses:


  • Cloud kitchens and delivery-only restaurants (with or without a POS)
  • Restaurants that don’t use a POS
  • Businesses that work with a POS system that’s not yet integrated with Deliverect
  • Consumer goods companies aiming to expand their delivery services

What does our app offer?



Manage all your orders in one place

Orders from online ordering players like Uber Eats, Foodora, DoorDash,... are sent directly to your Deliverect account. You’ll be able to display orders from all your delivery channels on one screen.

Snooze products

Snooze products when you run out of a product or dish. This feature allows you to make one or multiple products unavailable for a specific time span. Once the time frame you’ve set ends, the product will automatically become available again in your online store.

Standardized tickets

All your order tickets will have the same layout so that, regardless of the delivery platform, all order receipts will look identical in design. This makes it easier for your kitchen staff to see at a glance which orders need to be prepared, in what order and for which delivery channel.