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Everything you need for delivery management in one system

Consolidate all your orders with the Delivery Manager App, eliminating tablet chaos and manual entry, and freeing up more time for what matters most —great food.


All orders in one place

You’ll never have to manually copy an online order to your in-house system again. No more tablet hell either, you'll find all your online orders to one single device.

  • Real-time integration of all sales channels

  • Accurate transfer of every order

  • All orders managed from a single device

Increased operational efficiency

All orders are automatically forwarded to your kitchen and printed in one standardized format, creating a smoother flow for staff and improving your delivery time.

  • Orders sent to kitchen printer and display screen

  • You decide if orders are sent automatically or not

  • Standardized ticket format

Match menus to stock availability

Running out of a popular meal? Don’t get your customers disappointed. Hide your menu items until available across different channels and locations.

  • Hide one or more menu items at the same time

  • Get suggestions on other similar items you might be running out

  • Push them back to the menu once available

More ways to grow

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Order management

We aggregate all your online orders and synchronize them with your existing POS, improving your restaurant’s operational flow in the process.

Menu Management

We give you the tools to keep better track of your restaurant's stock and the ability to update all your online menus with just one click!

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