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    The complete QR code solution for dine-in

    Our new QR code solution to speed up table turn times by up to 10 minutes and improve your customer’s experience—They just scan, order, and pay.

    Scan. Order. Pay. Repeat.

    With Table Ordering, your dine-in customers can access menus and order via a custom QR code.

    Speed up the payment process

    Accept payment methods your customers know and love.

    Reward your customers

    Leverage sales data to build loyalty programs that encourage repeat visits.

    Serve more guests with less staff

    Give your guests control and flexibility and your staff the freedom to focus on providing the best experience.

    Order at table

    • Open tabs, split bills, and pay directly from an intuitive mobile-optimized interface.

    • QR codes linked to table numbers for order tracking and food drop-off

    Reward your customers

    Digitize your dine-in experience and reward your customers for their visits with loyalty offers. Our restaurant loyalty program provides instant rewards —cash back— designed to keep customers returning for more.

    Master order reservation management

    • Instantly create custom payment links and enable prepaid orders during prime hours to minimize no-shows.

    • Accept payment from methods your customers know and love (Apple Pay, Google Pay, debit and credit cards). 

    Expand your direct-to-consumer channels

    More ways to drive revenue

    Online Ordering

    Create your own website: Boost revenue and increase margins. Take control of the entire ordering experience and turn new customers into regulars.

    Social Media Ordering

    Your Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram followers can now become customers and order directly from your social media accounts with Social Media Ordering.

    Leverage the full power of QR codes

    Tackle the labor shortage head-on and fuel revenue growth. Empower your guests and get the insights you need to keep them coming back.