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Restaurants of all sizes trust our solutions to cut costs, improve operational flows, and master online orders. Our tools are inspired by businesses like yours to help you focus on what you do best: serving great food.

All your sales in one place.
Consolidate all your channels into one place and say goodbye to manual data entry, tablet madness, and order errors.

Update menus in 1–2–3.
Managing multiple menus and stock control has never been easier. Edit, snooze, and sync menus across all your channels in seconds.

Impactful insights.
Know your business inside and out with real-time reporting across your channels. Our data is here to help you make your next big move.

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“It gets the ticket to the kitchen faster, speeds up our ability to deliver food to our guests, and also with that speed and that customer satisfaction, we’re able to grow our business because we’re seen as more efficient”

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Lara Grill

"It has helped us in two fundamental ways: being able to duplicate a menu very easily and all the possibilities it gives us in terms of analysis. It's the most important thing to be able to make decisions based on data."

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“We are in very close contact with the team here at Deliverect. They are good listeners, and they try to find the solution for anything that you may need to enhance the overall experience”

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Simplicity — that's our secret sauce

We build easy-to-use tools that support you, your business, your team, and your community. Long are the days of manual order entry and tablet madness. Our platform is helping thousands of restaurants, inside and outside the kitchen, automate and streamline processes. From the time you receive an order to the moment it gets to your customer, we've got you covered.

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Like you, we can handle the heat. We're continuously cooking up new solutions to help you widen margins, streamline operations, and discover new opportunities to reach new heights—that's why over 32,000 restaurants trust us to power their businesses. With 400+ partners to integrate with, getting up and running is a piece of cake.

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