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Delivery drivers on demand

Manage your own last-mile delivery experience without relying on a 3rd-party delivery partner—that means increased margins and greater profits. With Deliverect Dispatch, you can connect to the best and most cost-efficient delivery on-demand solutions available.

Order gets placed

How it works: step 1

Customer places order on a delivery platform.

Order sent to POS + Deliverect app

How it works: Step 2

The order is sent to the POS and the Deliverect app and goes straight to the kitchen.

Order assignment

How it works: Step 3

Orders are auto- assigned to a delivery partner after a set amount of time based on a set of rules. 

Or manually assign them to drivers.

Order tracking

How it works: Step 4

Follow orders through their flow of delivery. Real-time drivers updates and drivers details are shared.

Get back power

Reduce reliance on individual delivery providers, augment your own driver network with external drivers

Optimize operational costs

Auto-assign orders to the most cost-efficient delivery driver, Deliverect always picks the right courier for you.

Save time

Stop wasting time on managing delivery drivers and start providing the fastest and cheapest delivery service to your customers. By optimizing the delivery experience you can improve customer satisfaction significantly.

What is Dispatch?

A dispatch solution is a cutting-edge software system tailored to optimize restaurant delivery services. By automating and streamlining various aspects of the delivery process, a dispatch solution offers significant advantages.

Here's why our Dispatch tech is essential for any restaurant:

Smart order routing: Harnessing the power of intelligent algorithms, a dispatch solution calculates the fastest, most cost-effective delivery routes, minimizing customer wait times.
Real-time tracking: Keep customers in the loop with real-time order status updates.
Enhanced communication: Foster seamless communication between restaurant staff, delivery drivers, and customers through integrated messaging and notifications, ensuring smooth operations.
Driver management: Effectively monitor driver performance, assign orders, and track progress with advanced driver management tools, improving overall efficiency.

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