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    Online Ordering For Restaurants and C-stores

    Simplify online ordering for your restaurant or grocery store with Deliverect. Our platform seamlessly integrates multiple online ordering systems, consolidating orders from all channels into one easy-to-manage location. Upgrade your business ordering system today.

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    What’s Online Ordering?

    Online ordering has become a massive trend in recent years. Restaurants around the globe have started offering their customers the option of placing orders through the web instead of waiting in line at the counter. What does this mean for consumers? The answer is simple. No lines, no waiting.

    Now, restaurants, dark kitchens, and C-stores can also use their Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp accounts to sell directly to their customers with Deliverect Social Media Ordering—an innovative online ordering solution— food businesses can

    1. Turn every interaction into a selling opportunity with our ‘Order Food’ button and in-story stickers.

    2. Leverage Meta™ powerful business tools to create ads and target customers where they are.

    At Deliverect, we work with the best Online Ordering solutions in the industry. Find the complete index of integrations we have with Online Ordering solutions in the above list.


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