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With Deliverect Menu Management, you can create and update menus across multiple delivery platforms and brands in just a few clicks. Streamline changes and save time.

Update all your menus with one click

Updating online menus doesn’t have to be such a repetitive task. With the Deliverect Menu Builder you can make changes to multiple menus across multiple locations with just one click.

  • Sync menus from your restaurant POS

  • Push menu updates to all sales channels 

  • More flexible menu management

Experiment with confidence

Better menu management tools make it easier to experiment with promotional items and explore new menus to see what works best for different audiences and situations.

  • Duplicate menus to create variations

  • Run promotional deals with minimal effort

  • Limited-time offers and happy hour menus

Match menus to stock availability

Deliverect automatically adjusts your stock availability as soon as orders are accepted, giving you an accurate overview of your inventory and avoiding any nasty surprises.

  • Monitor offline and online stock from your POS

  • Delete items that are no longer in stock directly from your POS

  • Gain insights into your best-selling products and locations

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