What makes a restaurant successful? In a post COVID-19 world, this is the question asked by entrepreneurs who have seen the sector’s development. Even before the pandemic hit, 50% of restaurants didn’t live to see their 5th anniversary. With this panorama, it is no longer enough to have good quality food, an optimal service or an innovative proposal: those who want to survive must bet on innovation.

For restaurants willing to make the jump to digitalization, opting for a smart POS is a good starting point. Think of it this way: you need to have a point of sale, so why not go with a solution that can do much more than a simple cash register? Here are the top reasons why your restaurant needs a smart POS system.


1. Flexibility of payments

Flexibility is key when serving customers, so you need to ensure that they can choose how they want to pay. Having a smart POS will allow you to accept all types of payment, split the bill, gift specific items and more. With the Tiller POS, for example, you can split the bill per person, dish or even manually enter the amount indicated by each client in a few clicks.


2. Custom features

A restaurant is not just any business, and therefore it should not have a generic management system either. If you go for a restaurant POS, you can enjoy personalized features such as a floor plan, bookings and multiple menu management directly from your cash register. You should be able to replicate your restaurant set up, make automatic menu changes, set special prices at certain times (happy hour!) and more to make the POS yours.

Tiller x Deliverect


3. Easy app integration

Due to the arrival of digitalization, restaurants now rely on a greater number of services like booking platforms, delivery and management. It is not uncommon to find a variety of screens on the counter of any establishment. If you work with an open system, you can integrate all of these solutions into a single device to better manage your business.

According to Tiller’s cofounder Dimitri Farber, "in an increasingly complex ecosystem, Tiller seeks to be the digital ally of the merchant by centralizing all the tools they need in one place." Tiller has its own AppMarket, a digital marketplace where you can find all available integrations, from management tools to delivery solutions like Deliverect.


4. Software updates

As a restaurant owner, one thing you should avoid at all costs is becoming obsolete. The hospitality sector is transforming at an accelerated rate and you must be prepared to adapt to new trends. Don’t go for a POS that doesn’t offer updates. Some POS providers have a team of developers constantly working on enhancing the system. This also means that any bug can be easily corrected and that customer feedback translates into improvements for the app.


5. Real-time data

Knowledge is power and the POS is the perfect tool to collect it. In addition to acting as a point of sale, it is necessary to choose a POS that serves as a management system. Tiller, for example, has a back office that will allow you to control all your metrics at a glance. Some of the things you can do: monitor sales, compare different periods, identify your best and worst products and send your accounting reports in real time.

A key point, without a doubt, is the possibility to control your restaurant remotely, so you don't have to be there to know what's going on. This is a feature you should definitely look for, as it gives you the ability to remotely analyze business performance anytime, anywhere from mobile or computer.

Tiller x Deliverect 3


6. Direct support

Touchscreens are so intuitive that anyone can learn to use them. Thanks to the popularity of smartphones, everyone is used to sensitive screens, so they will learn to navigate the system in an instant, saving you hours of training for new employees. However, you should still go for a system with a customer service available for any question. With Tiller, in addition to initial training, the support team is with you via chat directly at the POS, ideal for your employees to solve any doubt during service.


While opting for a traditional cash register can help you cut costs, acquiring a point of sale is an essential step toward digitalization that should not be taken lightly. With the current panorama, the conclusion is simple: innovating is risky, but failing to do so is even more so.

July 23, 2020 by Tiller

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