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A Kitchen Display Designed for Delivery Orders

Automate all your kitchen orders and boost the productivity and profitability of your restaurant or dark kitchen. By quickly visualizing what matters, Deliverect Kitchen Display avoids miscommunication in the kitchen by quickly showing the essential info for every request and ensures food is ready for pickup by the time the delivery drivers arrive. An interconnected workflow for your kitchen operation.

Deliverect helps dark kitchens with a kitchen display system

No more lost orders! Our Deliverect Kitchen Display works seamlessly with your Deliverect platform. All your orders from delivery channels, kiosks, or your online ordering store, are automated and displayed both in the kitchen and the counter.

  • All orders in real-time on the kitchen screen(s) and counter

  • Reduce online ordering errors

  • Prepare your food faster

  • A dynamic and paperless solution

With Deliverect Kitchen Display, it's easy to oversee all your virtual brands

Managing multiple brands and channels can be a headache. Our product’s filtering allows you to bring the fitting product requests to the dedicated stations at the right time.

  • Efficiently manage multiple brands and menu requests

  • Your products at the right stations at the right time

  • Color-coded orders to help you filter and visualize what matters

In addition, you can manage seamless communication and access through the system’s back office to keep things up and running!

Deliverect Kitchen Display improves communication between kitchen and delivery drivers

No more miscommunication between busy kitchen and delivery riders! Deliverect Kitchen Display communicates the status of an order until it is ready for pickup. 

The results?

  • Communication between your kitchen and riders is improved

  • Your kitchen staff receives accurate rider updates

Deliverect Kitchen Display provides a seamless experience for staff by making all online orders visible on a screen directly in the kitchen. Product notes, color-coded orders, back-office messaging, sticky printer integration, and a rider screen make this the solution for any kitchen that wants to improve communication and streamline operations

"Deliverect Kitchen Display helped us streamline our kitchen operations and communication. Even the busiest shifts are very well organized now by the prioritization and filtering process of the orders."

- Steije Verstraete, Digital and Processes Manager at CASPER

Try Deliverect Kitchen Display today!

Deliverect Kitchen Display is customizable, easy to set up, and a trusted partner when it comes to managing a dark kitchen effectively.