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Dark kitchens are defined by their food, efficiency, and online presence. We’ll connect all the dots so you can focus on building your business and optimizing your virtual brands.

Everything in one place.
Receive all your online orders in one system. No more manual data entry, tablet madness, and unnecessary delays—our tools can centralize it all.

Menu updates are a breeze.
In just a few clicks, edit and update multiple menus with Deliverect Menu Builder. Sync all your products, stay on top of your stock, and never miss a beet.

Data is power.
Automatically create reports with sales data across all your channels to uncover opportunities. We've got all the metrics you need to make your next big move.

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Sweetheart Kitchen

“Deliverect dashboards are intuitive, they’re user-friendly, and it allows us to check sales, anywhere, anytime”

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Kitchen Hub

“Deliverect took our manual menu management from being a core part of someone’s job to being a very small part because it’s just so much more efficient and so much faster”

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Byte to Bite

"Most people talk a good game. Deliverect not only talk it, but they’ve delivered it"

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More tablets, more problems

Say goodbye to tablet madness. With Deliverect, you can auto-accept orders in a standardized format and push them straight to the kitchen. Our tools are helping thousands of kitchen staff prep orders faster and reduce errors. From the time you receive an order to the moment it's delivered, and all the status updates in between, we've got you covered. That's why dark kitchens around the world trust our tech to run their business.

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Helping dark kitchens grow

You rely on online sales and want to manage all your orders in the best way possible while adopting more channels and providing the best customer experience—we get it. On our platform, you can run multiple virtual brands on a single account. That means you can keep track of your menus, inventory, and reporting in one place.

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