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Delivery reporting to boost your business

Automatically create reports to help visualize strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in online sales with Deliverect Insights. Glean insights to compare revenue across locations, brands, and channels to make informed business decisions and your next big move.

All sales centralized

Deliverect consolidates all your sales information into one clear overview and generates regular sales reports, saving you the hassle of copy-pasting sales data from various delivery platforms.

  • All sales data on one screen

  • User-friendly sales reports

  • Saves time for managers

Compare revenue across platforms

See your on- and off-location sales side by side using our reporting dashboard. Identify opportunities across sales channels and revise your business plan accordingly.

  • In-depth sales data per channel

  • Identify opportunities and gain insights

  • Useful data for negotiations with delivery partners

Increase your revenue

Armed with in-depth analytical tools and a clear performance overview, you can highlight opportunities for revenue growth and take your business to the next level.

  • Optimize menus based on sales data

  • Add promotional deals to match consumer trends

  • Explore virtual brands and menu items to see what sells best

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