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Streamline courier hand-off

With Pickup Manager, managing couriers and orders during peak hours is a breeze. Our solution provides a clear visualization of order statuses through a display or QR code, ensuring that hand-offs are always streamlined and seamless.

Cost-saving communication

Through real-time and clear order status updates, ready orders are brought to customers faster and more accurately.

Get focus back

Kitchen staff can focus on their passion in preparing delicious food without being interrupted.

Save time

With a clear pickup screen for riders, there’s no more wasting time! Managing drivers and orders becomes easy.

Increase efficiency by increasing visibility

Deliverect Pickup Manager enables you to easily communicate with riders without losing time. Our order screen indicates to drivers when their orders are ready for pickup, increases efficiency as you spend less time coordinating and spend more time doing what you do best: cooking delicious meals.

  • Ability for couriers to know when to enter the building to pick up their order.

  • Need to show relevant brand/order/channel information, so each courier knows what order is theirs.

Everything you need at one glance

With Deliverect Pickup Manager, customers have a screen showing them everything they need to know about their orders helping businesses manage the order handoff in the most efficient way possible.

  • Know when the order should be brought to the handover location

  • View orders across brands and locations

What is a Delivery Pickup Manager?

Delivery Pickup Manager —Also known as Pickup Delivery Manager— is an innovative software solution designed specifically for restaurants to streamline restaurant takeout operations. Our Deliverect Pickup Manager revolutionizes the pickup process by integrating order management, real-time order tracking, and communication between staff and customers.

What our tech can do:

Order management: Easily handle multiple orders simultaneously and allocate resources effectively, improving overall efficiency.
Real-time tracking: Monitor the progress of each order in real-time.
Seamless communication: Get integrated messaging and notifications to keep staff and customers informed.

Other solutions

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Kitchen Display

Say goodbye to order chaos and printed tickets in the kitchen. Deliverect Kitchen Display visualizes and prioritizes tasks, automates online orders, and streamlines kitchen communication to boost productivity.

Delivery Manager App (DMA)

Consolidate all your orders with the Delivery Manager App, eliminating tablet chaos and manual entry, and freeing up more time for what matters most —great food.

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