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    More ways for your ghost kitchen to sell, deliver and maximize profit

    Enable business growth by making it easier for your customers to find you. Our solutions are here to help you grow.

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    Want to meet your customers where they are?


    • From followers to regulars
      With SMO, you can turn your social media channels into a new online store with an effortless and direct way to order from you.

    • Increased engagement and revenue
      Offer a seamless ordering process and boost customer satisfaction by ∼52% and average spending by ∼34%.

    Are you looking for new ways to sell online?


    • Increase net revenue per order
      Offer a direct-to-consumer experience and expand your revenue by doing self-delivery or charging a service fee.

    • A site of your own
      Easily create your own ordering website with your brand’s logo, colors, and menus.

    In need of a trusted fulfillment partner?


    • Tried, trusted, and transparent
      We use trusted carriers for fast, cost-effective, and careful deliveries with upfront pricing.

    • Your customers, your experience
      Combine Dispatch with Online Ordering and perfect your customers’ experience from when they order to when it’s delivered.

    Casper Boost Kitchen Efficiency With Deliverect

    Success story

    Discover how Ghost Kitchen Casper boosted kitchen and delivery efficiency by working with Deliverect.

    “I can create and update menus and add new products without going on-site. It’s very convenient for Uber Eats and Deliveroo” — Amerigo Delli Bove, General Manager at Casper.

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