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Optimizing delivery operations for Q-commerce

We don’t only provide management solutions for restaurants. Q-commerce businesses from various industries, convenience stores, retailers, and grocery stores use Deliverect to improve their delivery operations and reach their full potential.

All your online orders straight to your POS or ERP. We automate the flow of third-party orders to your business systems. No more manual re-entry, tablet madness, or unnecessary delays.

Manage your menus better. Edit and update multiple menus with one click, direct from the Deliverect Menu Builder. Sync all orders with your stock management for a more accurate inventory.

Get reports on your online sales. Know your business like never before thanks to Deliverect’s insightful reporting dashboard. View sales per channel to spot opportunities.


What our customers say


"Partnering with Deliverect was key to drive growth in our Ice Cream Virtual Stores business. Deliverect allowed us to expand our Stores in the most efficient way, with an integrated menu management solution that makes it easier"

Chain restaurants

"The time that each rider waits for their order at KFC has substantially decreased. We've also seen a substantial decrease in the number of incidents, reducing both missing and incorrect orders."

Chain restaurants

“We gained control over deliveries, menu management and reporting. We can manage everything from a single interface, improving our efficiency. It’s simple to filter orders by date, type, delivery partner, locations... That makes it a great source of BI”

How we help Q-commerce businesses

With Deliverect all your online orders are processed directly to your POS or ERP, so you can manage all your sales from third-party apps in one place.

By integrating your orders to one system, we make it possible to keep an accurate inventory and overview on your business performance.

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How we help enterprises

Whatever product you’re selling, we help you meet customer expectations. Our software integration solution allows you to manage your online orders and deliveries more efficiently.

Deliverect provides you with a single point of contact for all your integrations to your ERP system.

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