Setting up a business in the hospitality industry comes with a big checklist of things not to forget. In addition to your restaurant’s concept, location and menu, there are a few technical aspects you need to think about, as well. One which certainly cannot be overlooked is the POS system.


What is a POS system?

A POS system, in full a "point-of-sale system", is the heart of a catering business. It’s where your customers pay for their order and employees get an overview of your tables, menus, sales data and much more. A POS system streamlines operations and gives you a clear overview of your restaurant’s financials. 

Trivec POS in barAdditionally, working with a point-of-sale system guarantees that you are always in accordance with the law, because all restaurant transactions are saved, making it easy to present an overview to tax inspectors in turn. 

There exist POS integrations that allow you to add in extra screens in the kitchen, for example, so that all your orders end up with the right employees with a minimum of effort. This prevents mistakes and ensures an optimal customer experience. You see, there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t rush into deciding on a POS system! 


How do I decide which POS system is right for my business? 

Start by asking yourself which objectives your restaurant has and how you want to achieve these. Evaluate what you want and make an overview of it. You can refer back to this later when you consider the different POS options. You should take the size of your business into account, but it’s also important you don’t forget to map out your budget. 

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Remember that a POS system contributes to the efficiency of your business, so you can sell more and reduce costs. So even though it will seem like a solid investment, you will earn this back in no time! Getting advice from your fellow restaurant owners is also an excellent idea to determine what works or doesn’t work for you. What system do they have? Do they like it or do they need extra features? Based on their experiences you can further substantiate your choice.


Bridging the gap between your business and suppliers

Running a restaurant business is not a "one-man show". It involves a lot of third parties like suppliers and delivery services, to name just two. Here too, a POS system can make your life a lot easier. Check whether your external partners have an integration with the system. This way you can automate certain things, and you can focus on what really matters: your customers and their restaurant experience.


Stability and support

You cannot afford to miss out on an entire day of income because your cash register refuses to work, so it’s crucial to choose a system that is reliable and stable. Admittedly, no matter how good a POS system is, a technical defect can always occur. If this happens, it is important to make certain you are "up and running" again quickly, and excellent customer service is essential. During your search, you should therefore not only look at the product, but also at how the supplier of your POS system can help you solve problems.

Jenny Westerberg
February 12, 2020 by Jenny Westerberg

Jenny is the CMO at Trivec, a market leading, European supplier of beverage and POS systems for restaurants, hotels, cafés and bars.