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Take control of your own delivery experience, without running a logistics company

Reduce costs and improve customer experience with Deliverect Dispatch, our fulfillment solution that allows you to offer delivery on your direct channel easily.

Can you relate?

If your restaurant experiences any of the following pain points...

  • Unable to offer food delivery

  • Wasting time on driver management

  • Reliant on 3rd party delivery platforms

  • No control over delivery experience

We hear you! Deliverect Dispatch can help you manage the complete delivery experience through your direct channels, helping you to increase customer satisfaction. You can also easily track your orders as real-time driver updates and share details.

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Order gets placed

How it works: step 1

Customer places order on your online ordering platform.

  • Uber Eats


  • Foodora

  • Deliveroo

Order sent to POS + Deliverect app

How it works: Step 2

The order is sent to the POS and the Deliverect app after validation of the order from fulfillment partner.

  • Deliveroo
  • Uber Eats
  • Deliveroo

    Ready for pickup
  • Uber Eats


Order assignment

How it works: Step 3

Orders are auto- assigned to a delivery partner after a set amount of time based on a set of rules. 

Or manually assign them to drivers.

PreparingUber Eats
Ready for pickupDeliveroo

Order tracking

How it works: Step 4

Follow orders through their flow of delivery. Real-time drivers updates and drivers details are shared.

Get back power

Reduce reliance on individual delivery providers, augment your own driver network with external drivers

Optimize operational costs

Auto-assign orders to the most cost-efficient delivery driver, Deliverect always picks the right courier for you.

Save time

Stop wasting time on managing delivery drivers and start providing the fastest and cheapest delivery service to your customers. By optimizing the delivery experience you can improve customer satisfaction significantly.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch with us to discuss the particular details of your organization and set up a free guided demo to see Deliverect in action.