How We Hire

We want to get to know you. What makes you tick, how you think, what you love, together with all the challenges that have shaped your skills and experience. As a rocketship in hyper-growth, we can move fast. Get ready to hold on tight!

Our People team is here to assist you in the hiring process.

What to expect in

Your application journey


We want to get to know you. What you’ve achieved, the challenges you’ve faced and what inspires you. We review every single application. If there’s a good match, you’ll speak to our recruiter so we can get to know each other. We want you to succeed! 


After you have spoken to one of our talent partners, the next stage is typically with one or two of our ‘astronauts’ that work in the same domain as you. They will cover the core aspects of the role to make sure you are a good fit for the position and for the company!


You have demonstrated that you know your craft with our interviewers, now it is time to put it into practice! We use a task for most roles and we do this so we can get a better view of what you can do. Plus, not everyone is great at interviews so we see it as a way to level the playing field so your ability has the opportunity to shine. This is usually followed up by an interview with one of our Founders.


It’s all done! We have all the information we need to make our decision. You will hear back from our talent team within a couple of days. If you were unsuccessful then we will provide you with detailed feedback so you know what we think are your development points. If you were successful then we will make you an offer to join our rocketship.

Join the rocketship