Order Up & Deliverect integration

Take control with an advanced Online Ordering System that will help your business grow. Order Up! is a leading digital ordering platform that has provides best-in-class technology for contactless table ordering, pickup, delivery & room service. You will find Order Up in over a thousand restaurants, cafes, hotels, theme parks, beach clubs, events and more.

Order Up! is a secure online ordering platform that enables you to sell food & beverages online via your own website and apps. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be rolled out quickly for a single restaurant or cafe, or customised as a fully branded enterprise-level solution for franchises and multi-site locations. We work with any business that needs wants digital ordering for F&B.

This integration requires a subscription to Deliverect and Order Up!.

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Order Up!

The benefits of an integrated Click & Collect page

Contactless Pick Up

  • A white-label online ordering platform that enables hospitality businesses to sell their food & beverages online via their own websites and apps.


  • Manage your own delivery business with ease.
  • With our advanced delivery features, you can set-up multiple delivery zones and customise your rules for each zone.
  • You can set minimum order fees or delivery fees. Zones can also be set to active within certain hours.
  • Use your own drivers or we connect you to Door Dash Drive and other third-party delivery services.
Google Food Ordering
  • Order Up is making it easy to order food through Google Search and Google Maps.
  • A new food ordering experience with Google allows customers searching on Google for a restaurant by name, or even searching terms like “pizza near me” or “Thai food in Sydney,” to discover restaurants and directly place
Table Ordering
  • No Tablets, No Kiosks, No Downloads, No Fuss.
  • With the Order Up platform, your customers can take a seat, ‘tap’ using NFC or ‘scan’ a QR code with their own device. They order food and drink, pay and either have the order brought to their table or receive an sms notifying them that the order is ready for them to pickup.
Room Service
  • Order Up! gives hotels the technology to provide their guests with in-room ordering via their own device using NFC & QR codes. Smart digital menus loaded onto the customers own mobile device.
  • No app needed, just Tap or Scan to order. Guests now have the option to place an order online and then have it delivered directly to their room. No more communication errors plus the added bonus of up-sells.