The online delivery market continues to grow at a breakneck pace, with over 16 million USD in European revenue in 2019. But more growth also means more competition. So what does it take to make it in this dynamic market? We’ll break it down for you. 


#1 Create a watertight menu  

Cities are more diverse and multicultural than ever before, so it’s important to cater to your cosmopolitan clientele by making sure your menu has enough variety - something you can do by segmenting

If you have noticed that a certain food is super popular (can we say poke bowls), you can work with that by offering package deals or investing in extra marketing. But you don’t want to just jump in haphazardly. To properly select your varied cuisine, you’ll want to do some market research to look at the following factors:

- Location, location: Identify hyper-local urban and semi-urban areas that could be potential market segments, and do a thorough analysis to determine the best location to do business. 

- Know your customers: Gather data-driven insights about your potential clientele and knowing their tastes and behavioral habits. 

- Age demographic: Target the goldmine by going for those millennials. The under 35s are the biggest food delivery adopters. 

#2 Go beyond the norm

Customer experience is about more than just making sure meals are delivered on time. By the way, timely service isn’t considered an extra: these days it’s the new normal. As a reminder, McKinsey’s stats show that delivery speed is the biggest variable in customer satisfaction. Their study concludes that optimal wait time is under an hour, but in reality that’s already way too long. Short wait times have become the standard. 

“Throwing in personal notes, fun napkins or other little touches to delivery give you something special” 

Thank you note on drinkSo to stand out among your rivals, you’ve got to get creative in other ways. For example:

- Requite the love. How about offering some coupons and rewards? This is a tried-and-true way to boost customer loyalty. 

- Commit random acts of kindness. That little smiley face on their taco container can really make your customer's day. Throwing in personal notes, fun napkins or other little touches to delivery give you something special. 

- Don’t forget the reviews. Remember, customer experience lives longer than that taco did. Did someone leave you an online review? Take the time to respond to it, whether it’s positive or negative. If it’s positive, it will only strengthen the customer bond. And if it’s negative, you’ll make the customer feel heard and learn how you can improve. 

#3 Show your pop-up face 

As deliciously convenient as delivery is, it seems people still want some human contact. The smart thing to do is to combine the best of both worlds: convenience and the human experience. How about giving a pop-up restaurant a try? It’s the perfect way to connect to customers face-to-face and learn more about their needs and desires. Some benefits of popping up:

- Try out new concepts. Pop-ups let you experiment with different types of menus. If certain items or concepts are a hit, you know you’ve got a winner for your online food delivery. 

- Maximize your audience. You can direct your online customers to your pop-up and your customers to your online shop. The fact that pop-ups are temporary gives people a little time pressure to hurry in and check you out. 

- Stay flexible. Pop-ups are the most flexible option to change locations and try out concepts and menus in different cities. The best thing is, you can pop that little shop right back down when you’re done, no worries. 

#4 Pick the right business idea  

So you’re ready to grab your piece of the delivery pie? You want to choose a business model that holds up against the big boys. 

There are plenty of different and innovative delivery business ideas you can go with that have lots of potential. These include:

Takeaway service

- Your own multi-platform. This is a multi-restaurant business managed by the platform owner. The owner earns a commission on every order. Make sure you’ve got something original to make you stand out from market leaders.

- Direct from the restaurant. Here the restaurant is running the show. Customers can order through an online platform or via the restaurant website. If you’re up for it, it’s a great way to expand your brand.

- Online table booking. This is a simple model allowing online table bookings via your platform. You make a commission on every booking as well as advertisements and promotions. 

- Meal-kit delivery service: This highly convenient substitute for meal planning and shopping for ingredients is really taking off. The company owner manages the kitchen and online orders. 

#5 Get top-notch technical support 

Last but certainly not least, it’s extremely important to have the right software and tools so you can focus on what you do best: running a business! 

Deliverect has your back with solutions to manage your online menus, centralize your delivery and in-house data, and integrate delivery orders with your POS.

Magali De Reu
December 30, 2019 by Magali De Reu

Freelance copywriter