A top-notch customer experience

In this day and age it’s impossible to imagine the food & restaurant industry without delivery. Having food delivered to customers is a whole new way to order, experience and enjoy food. Therefore, the worst thing you could do is look at delivery merely as an add-on to your existing business. Next to food quality, delivering a top-notch brand experience should be at the core of your delivery operation.

With 80% of customers confessing they’ll blame the restaurant, not the delivery provider, for a poor delivery order experience, restaurants need to make sure they have a solid strategy for delivering not only food, but a memorable experience to the customer, as well.


It all begins with the (right) menu

A common mistake made by delivery start-ups is not adapting the take-out menu. Don’t be afraid to optimize your menu for delivery – that often means not offering certain dishes or items that you do serve on-site. When drafting your delivery menu, consider the following:

- Does the food travel well?

- At what point does the food get cold or soggy, a drink watered down,…?

- Does a food item require packaging needs you can (or cannot) address?

- How’s the margin to cover delivery commission?

Making sure that you choose the best delivery menu and understand your delivery time window will ensure that customers enjoy their dining experience to the fullest.

Takeout burgers

Don’t forget to timely adjust your delivery menu if needed. When you start up your delivery operation, it’s easy to overlook that you now have to manage stock both in-house and online. There’s nothing worse than having to call an online customer to let them know a food item or dish is no longer available because you forgot to update your delivery menu. At Deliverect we make it easy to manage your menu on all your delivery channels so you can avoid this potential customer experience nightmare.


Why (branded) packaging is key

It’s a given: we eat with our eyes. That’s why, although the food you serve should always be the star, packaging should never be an afterthought. Of course the main purpose of packaging is to protect the food and keep it fresh, warm (or cold) and appealing. But why not extend the high quality standards you maintain for your food to your packaging?

Branded packaging for takeaway is simple to achieve and effective, as it can really get people talking about your brand and product(s). The way your food is packaged is the physical representation of your brand’s personality. The way you design it, using your logo, brand colours, witty catch phrases and so on, presents an opportunity to create more affection for your brand. 

Attractive food packaging

People like convenience, people like getting presents (and unwrapping them) and people like things that are easy on the eye: food delivery combines all of those, when done right. Don’t forget that we also live in the age of Instagram, where a unique, funny or crafty way of delivering food can be shared and go viral at any time.

Additionally, nowadays there is a growing concern about the environment and a whole community of eco-warriors to go with it. It’s important that your restaurant answers to the need of sustainable, high-quality food packing for delivery. And it’s yet another way to enhance the customer experience, letting your diners know you’re about much more than take-out.


Timing is a priority

The food delivery business is all about convenience and speed. 60% of customers specifically mention speed of delivery as their number one priority. That’s why restaurateurs should at least consider working with multiple delivery partners, as this ultimately makes more drivers available for your customers. There’s nothing better than getting your meal faster than expected: speedy deliveries equal happy customers and positive reviews!


Extra perks and personalization to create brand loyalty

We mentioned before how people love getting presents. What they also love is getting discounts, vouchers and other promotions. Think about which incentives go well with your delivery strategy:

- Vouchers and coupons for in-house dining can entice online customers to visit your physical restaurant

- Refer-to-a-friend discounts can help you to market your brand and spread awareness among new customers, while rewarding your existing clientele

- Free delivery or “buy 1, get 1 free” promotions can improve repeat orders

- “Get 5% off if you share a picture on social media” or “leave a review” incentives can give you a larger social media fanbase and/or improve your understanding of customer feedback

- Introducing new menu items exclusive to delivery orders is a great way to encourage customers to try something new. Moreover, it’s still about your brand and your product, which sometimes works better than a one-off discount that may not improve brand loyalty

Handwritten thank you notes, smileys on napkins or cards with a call to action to share their meal or group selfies on social media: all these little extras can also help to make your delivery operation stand out and create a personal experience.

Branded disposable cup

As the number of restaurants offering food delivery is growing, as well as the number of people enjoying their services, a unique, personal and positive brand experience can really make the difference between you and your competitor(s). Creating a sound delivery menu, including branded packaging and (personalized) promotions can help to deliver a top-notch service and experience that’ll make sure your customers are in it for the long haul.

Karolien Odou
September 5, 2019 by Karolien Odou

Content marketer at Deliverect and fulltime carnivore