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See real growth with virtual brands

Expanding your restaurant business with more delivery channels and virtual brands has never been easier. See how you could increase your revenue by up to 50% with Deliverect Marketplace. 

What’s a virtual brand?

Virtual brands are a delivery-only concept—no dine-in, no physical location, just more opportunities to earn.

Deliverect Marketplace allows you to manage multiple virtual brands on one account, simplifying menu tracking, inventory, and reporting.

With Deliverect Marketplace, you can add and run multiple virtual brands on a single account. That means you can keep track of your menus, inventory, and reporting in one place.

  • Improve sales with multiple brands and delivery channels

  • Expand your business with low startup costs

  • A cost-efficient way to increase your delivery radius


Order value

Adding new products can help increase your average order value.


Daily revenue

Virtual brands can help boost your daily revenue and generate more sales.


Increased margins

Widen your margins with virtual brands and invest them back into your business.

You're in good company

From household names like Ben & Jerry's to delivery channels like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and DoorDash, we've got lots in store for you and your business.

Ben & Jerry's

“Since I’ve added Ben & Jerry’s, desserts make up 10 – 15% of sales on top of existing numbers.” - Maksut, UK


“I’ve boosted my daily revenue by 35 – 50% with Popchew brands.” - Charles Eid, Charlie’s Pizza Cafe


“The Average Order Value has risen from £12 to £16 and there’s no complexity associated with it.” - Strad, UK


“Expect to sell £12,120 - £45,823 per month, at a margin of over 25%.” - Peckwater Brands' on their virtual brands

See real growth with virtual brands

Increase your revenue by up to 50%